France Takes The Win

After a month of intense matches, the 2018 World Cup has finally come to an end with France taking the win! If you all remember I predicted this in my first blog post and my prediction came true! On Sunday, July 15, France played a fierce match against Croatia. Early on in the match, Croatia accidentally scored an own goal… embarrassing huh? This was actually the first time in World Cup Final history that a team scored on its own goal.

The final game score was 4-2, and the world went crazy. France had support from all over the world which was a reflection of their very diverse team. They had players from North Africa, West Africa, the Caribbean, the Pacific islands, Armenia and the Basque country.

Although the 2018 World Cup has come to an end, I will still continue to celebrate this win…atleast  for a little while longer.

In the words of French… or at least the second line of their national anthem LA Marseillaise  “Le jour de Gloire est arrivé !” which means ” The day of glory has arrived!”

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