Vikings Training Camp

With Vikings training camp no longer being hosted in Mankato, here are a few things you should know about the new location and how things will work. First. Training Camp will kick off on Tuesday, July 24th and go through Thursday, August 16th. Seconds most important thing to know is that there is a limit of 5,000 fans per day, 4,000 free general admission tickets and 1,000 reserved seating, and tickets can be found at Keep in mind that fans are also only allowed to visit training camp 2 of the 18 days. Lastly, just like games held at U.S. Bank Stadium fans will go through metal detectors and bags will be checked, but bags of all sizes are allowed.

Personally, I feel training camp should have stayed in Mankato where fans could come as often as they like and there were no limits on attendance size or frequency. What are your feelings about these changes and new restrictions on training camp?

For the full list of things to know about Vikings Training Camp click HERE

-Intern Gerbs

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