Top 5 Drinking Games for Memorial Day Weekend

Drinking games are always a great way to get the shenanigans started. Wondering what game to play with friends, even strangers, this Memorial Day weekend? Have no fear because we came up with a list of our top 5 drinking games to play:

  1. Beer Darts – also commonly known as a “darty”, beer darts is a very common Southern Minnesota game. The main goal is to throw a dart at someone’s beer can that has been placed on the ground near their feet.
  2. King’s Cup – this game can either go both ways as far as who gets the biggest buzz. The player must drink and disperse drinks based on which cards are drawn. Each card has a specific rule that is made before the game.
  3. Beer Pong – always a classic, and you probably already know the rules. Beer pong is probably the most common drinking game nationwide.
  4. Never Have I Ever – this game is one you probably played in middle school, but it is also a good ice breaker to get to know your opponents. A good one to play with strangers!
  5. Quarters – the player bounces a quarter off the table in the hope that it lands in a shot glass. If the player gets the quarter in the glass, their opponent has to take a shot. Sounds a bit unsanitary if you ask us!

What’s your favorite drinking game on or off the list?

-Intern Liv


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