U of M Ranked Low On BIG TEN Happiness Scale

A study from ESPN stated that the University of Minnesota ranked pretty low on the “Fan Happiness Index.”

“The system, which weighed program power, rivalry dominance, coaching stability, recruiting trends, revenue growth and Twitter buzz, deemed the Gophers’ fan base to currently be ‘distraught,’ ranked 107th out of 128 FBS teams.”

One would maybe think as prideful Minnesotans the fans would be really supportive and show they care. But instead, they sit quiet and “distraught.”

Because Mom always said, “Don’t say anything if you don’t have anything nice to say.”

Here’s a look at how the Big Ten teams ranked nationally in fan happiness:

  • Ohio State (1)
  • Northwestern (9)
  • Penn State (12)
  • Wisconsin (14)
  • Michigan (22)
  • Maryland (55)
  • Iowa (58)
  • Indiana (59)
  • Rutgers (73)
  • Nebraska (87)
  • Minnesota (107)
  • Purdue (108)
  • Illinois (111)
  • Michigan State (115)

Sources: twincities.com

-Intern Josh

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