Twins’ Draft Picks: Day 1

Here are the top three draft picks for the Twins:

Royce Lewis –  raked #5

The 18 year old from California, he’s known for his “athleticism . . . on both sides of the ball.”

Brent Rooker – ranked #50

This 22 year old from Mississippi State is known for “performing well with wood bats,” and “showing average run times out of the batter’s box and even more quickness once he gets going.”

Landon Leach – ranked #101

The 17 year old from Ontario, Canada is known for his “talent on the mound,” while getting up to “94 mph with his fastball and [sitting] comfortably around 92 mph, throwing it with good sink and without a ton of effort.”

Let’s see what the next couple of days have to offer in the rest of the draft!


-Intern Josh

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