Vikings don’t want to give up on Bridgewater

Andrew Benoit, writes for NFL for Sports Illustrated and sitefounder of, tweeted earlier today:










Due to his ACL injury, Bridgewater has had to sit out giving Bradford some time to shine. Looks like Bridgewater is going to have to sit second string for the Vikings from now on. That, being if the Vikings could accept it. The Star Tribune writes,

“But it’s also clear that Mike Zimmer and the rest of the Vikings love Bridgewater. Many thought he was poised to have a big season before his injury. That might have been wishful thinking, and maybe Bridgewater’s injury should make it a clear choice to commit to Bradford long-term. But I doubt that’s how the Vikings are approaching it in the very near-term.”

This off-season and Bridgewater’s not-so-promising recovery will tell what the Vikes decide to do this Fall.


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