Philadelphia Fans Mock the Vikings For the Bradford Trade

Vikings at Redskins 11/13/16

If you are unaware, the 2017 NFL starts tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET in Philadelphia and Eagles fans are mocking the Vikings. Of course the Eagles fans are excited about hosting the draft since they haven’t hosted the draft since 1961. That year was the end of 13 straight years they held the draft which was held in New York for the next 50 years.

The Eagles will have two first round draft picks and are in hopes of their first Super Bowl. If hosting the draft is anything like the last time they hosted it they may have a chance to make a difference in the playoffs. The last time they won an NFL title was in 1960, the year before they hosted the draft.

The 2017 NFL Draft is just a few short hours away and we know this since Eagles fans are already mocking or thanking the Vikings for that matter. If you recall, the Vikes traded their 2017 first round draft pick to Philadelphia in order to acquire Sam Bradford.

Take a look at the the bashfull Eagles fans mocking the Vikings below.

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Unfortunately for Minnesota they will not have a first-round pick in this years draft due to the late preseason trade for quarterback Sam Bradford. Early on this trade looked like one of the best trades of the century, but we would later find out the 5-0 start was a little deceiving. Shocking enough, their first lost came to the Eagles which was the start of a downward trend. Minnesota finished 8-8 on the year on what looked like a very promising start later to be yet another disappointing season for Vikings fans.

Initially, the trade for the first round draft pick appeared outstanding and a late first round pick for Philly. Instead, they received a valuable 14th overall pick because of the poor finish by Minnesota.

Even though the Bradford trade was not perfect for Minnesota, it was still better than the situation could have been. Late in the preseason, starting quarterback at the time Teddy Bridgewater was injured with horrific knee injury. The 14th overall pick was a lot to lose but hey, in the end it all worked out. It could have been worse to say the least.


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