There is Always Next Year for the Wild

Another year, another early playoff exit for the Minnesota Wild.

The Minnesota sports fan that I am wants me to say “it wasn’t THAT bad of a season” or “the Wild did alright this year! At least we made the playoffs again!” True, but at the same time I was expecting more (considering my NHL playoff bracket featured the Wild winning the cup, not a smart move). I have seen Minnesota sports teams have bad years, and I have seen them have good years where they end up being a disappointment. I guess I am just used to it by now.

The thought of someone in a Wild uniform being able to lift the Stanley Cup over their head is a sight I would absolutely love to see, but it is also one that is hard to picture. I hope they can win the Cup soon, but I won’t be holding my breath waiting for that to happen.

There is always next year, I guess. It looks like I truly am a Minnesota sports fan.


-Intern Cory

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