Timberwolves Star Zach Lavine Predicted To Come Back Strong

If you are a Minnesota sports fan you may have been worried about Zach Lavine. He injured his knee against the Detroit Pistons when he collided with Pistons big man Andre Drummond. However, the injury did not appear as serious right away because Lavine shook it off as he carefully walked down the court. He mentioned he felt some discomfort but did not think it would mean the rest of the season injured on the bench. His initial thought was that he would be back in no time.

His first public remarks since the injury were “You guys have seen me land like hundred times,” and “when I went back and looked at my reaction, I felt like I sprained my knee or jammed my knee a little bit. Just got up and walked away. I felt fine.” This may not come to a surprise to many because as his fans we know how athletic this man really is. He is an animal on the court so it should not shock anyone that he felt “fine.” Unfortunately for Lavine, he was not fine and the collision  with Drummond during the February 3rd game resulted in a torn ACL.



Even though Lavine’s initial thought was nothing serious, the pain began to get worse. His MRI revealed he had a torn ligament which was the first big injury of his career. He was in the midst of a stellar season so the the question is will he receive a  great contract extension?

 Lavine is not worried because he is forgoing the rehab process the same way he attacks the gym. If his attitude hold true, the rehab should go very well. Clearly Lavine is putting in the work in the gym because the results have shown during his NBA career. Let’s hope his mentality stays the same throughout the entire rehab.His mentality is definitely something extraordinary. He is just so positive.  He stated: “Going out here like I’m going to get 500 shots. Instead, I’m doing 500 leg lifts,” LaVine said. “It’s the same difference. Everything’s been positive with me. I’m just focused.”

He is something special, that’s for sure. He has been in the league three years and already has two slam dunk championships under his wing. His confidence on the court is  similar to his confidence off the court. Zach has confidence in the science and technology we have today and believes he will come back better than ever.

Other Timberwolve players are shocked by the mobility  he is showing just two months after the injury. Rubio who  has suffered an ACL injury said that ” it seems like he didn’t have surgery.” He and teammate Brandon Rush who has also had an ACL injury both were on crutches for six weeks. Lavine is already shooting which shows his tremendous progress. If the season was a month or two longer Rush thinks Lavine would play.

Lavine has a great work ethic which may be his biggest strength. The progress he has shown is remarkable and the progress should continue if he keeps his same work ethic.

No one knows exactly when Lavine will return, but it is common for a basketbll player to be out at least nine months before they resume to full basketball activities. However, Lavine feels like it won’t be long until Coach Thibodeau will be over his shoulder gettin him ready for the game.

“I have full faith in the doctor that helped me out and everybody on the training staff helping me day-in and day-out,” LaVine said. “I know where I want to get to and I know where I want to be still in my career.”


Source: cbs.com


-Intern Keenan

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