#5 Seed Minnesota’s Loss To #12 Seed Middle Tennessee Was The Only #5 Seed To Lose



In recent years the twelve seeds have had more upsets than they did this year. Unfortunately for Minnesota, they were the only five seed to lose in the first round of this years March Madness Tournament.

This is a common match up where we see the lower seed upset the higher seed. Since 20017, the twelve seeds have won 50 of 152 games vs. the number five seeds. This means that on average about 1.5 twelve seeds make it to the second round. This year there was only one, and that team in fact beat the Minnesota Gophers.

This match up was the game which broke many brackets in the tourney. The final result was Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders 81 and Minnesota Gophers 72.

All other twelves in the tournament lost first round. Princeton nearly upset Notre Dame losing 60-58 while UNC-WIlmington lost 76-71 too Virginia in two close match ups. For Nevada, they lost to Iowa State by the score of 84-73.

Although The Gophers were the higher seed the Raiders were favored by the Las Vegas oddsmakers.

The Raiders are a common team to upset the higher seed. Last year they upset second-seeded Michigan State. However, the Raiders star Kermit Davis would not consider the win over Minnesota an upset. He stated “We have a lot of respect for Minnesota. Our record speaks for itself and kind of what we’ve done all year long.” He followed that with “It’s a pick ’em game, and it was a good team but I know our players don’t think it was an upset by any means.”

The Gophers finished the year with a record of 24-10 which is a drastic improvement from 8-23. The team has a lot of young talent and will be looking to improve next season. Hopefully for all Minnesota fans they will have a solid off-season and come back stronger next season.


Source: cbs.sports


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