Coach Zimmer Still Needs Two More Eye Surgeries


This new may come as a shock to many Vikings fans because Zimmer missed a game vs. the Dallas Cowboys last season due to an emergency eye surgery. Unfortunately for Zimmer that particular surgery was not the first, and will not be the last.

After four surgeries on his right eye, he stated on Thursday he will need at least two more. However, Zimmer is still busy coaching where he joins all the other NFL organizations at the 2017 NFL Combine. Here, he hopes to find the best prospects to improve on the offensive line. I think we all agree this is where the Vikings can improve upon for next season.

Even though Zimmer required eye two eye surgeries, he still finished the season with the team. He had to wear an eye patch to cover his eye for a few games after the surgery. Do you think this had an impact on the remainder of the Vikings 2016 season? They finished the season 8-8 after a hot start of 5-0 following and a 2015 season where they won the division title.

For all Vikings fans we hope the two remaining surgeries go well and Zimmer can resume coaching. The next surgery is scheduled for mid April, but will require a follow-up cataract surgery two months later. Zimmer who faces many challenges as an NFL coach but the hardest thing after the eye surgeries is the adjustment when hunting. He is forced to use his left eye instead of his right when targeting his hunt.


-Intern Keenan

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