Can Young Talent Spark The Twins This Upcoming Season?


After a disappointing  2016 Twins season, it was time for a change in leadership. Twins front office acquired Derek Falvey, a chief baseball officer from Cleveland as well as Thad Levine from Texas.

There were not many other moves made during the off-season other than the signing of catcher Jason Castro to a three-year, $24.5 million contract to replace Kurt Suzuki. He has not been the best offensively only batting .215 over the last three seasons for the Houston Astros. However, he is well recognized for his ability to call pitches and frame the ball.

General manager Levine came in stating that they were not planning on a rebuild or making any drastic moves in the line-up. He claimed they had great young talent. Some of the players he spoke about were players such as Byron Buxton, Max Kepler, and Miguel Sano who are all under the age 25. These players have the ability to create some serious offense after ranking sixth in the American League in 2016. The Twins will also see second basemen Brian Doizer return following a record year with 42 home-runs. There were heavy trade talks for an extensive period of time but the second basemen will start the 2017 season on the Twins roster.

Dozier said that youth has to be a thing of the past, the young players have to step up if they want to change their winning habits. Three are a lot of tremendous veterans around the league and the Twins need their young players to prove to the other teams in the league they can play. Mistakes need to be limited if things are going to change.

Will the young players continue to grow? Stay posted with the off season news because spring training is only a couple weeks away!



-Intern Keenan

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