Like him or not, Tom Brady is the GOAT


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Coming into Super Bowl LI, Tom Brady and Joe Montana were generally viewed as the top two quarterbacks in NFL history. They each had an equal amount of Super Bowl rings and MVP awards, and an argument could be made both for or against the other. After Sunday’s thrilling, record setting 25 point comeback, Tom Brady has now cemented his place as the GOAT to play the quarterback position.

He now has 5 Super Bowl rings, a record, compared to Joe’s 4. He now has 4 Super Bowl MVP awards, to Joe’s 3. He has gone to 12 Pro Bowls, to Joe’s 8. Tom has been the essence of consistency since he took over for Drew Bledsoe during the 2001 season, and he hasn’t looked back since.

On Sunday against the Falcons he set a Super Bowl record for completions, attempts, and yards. At the age of 39. He became the second oldest quarterback to ever win a Super Bowl, only days behind Peyton Manning’s championship last season, whose Broncos practically won in spite of him rather than because of him. Montana was a year retired from the Chiefs at age 39. Montana won his 4 Super Bowls over an 8 year span, where Brady has stretched his out over a 15 year span, with 2 more appearances sprinkled in.

Montana’s 49ers even won a Super Bowl without his help with Steve Young only 2 years after he left, showing just how stacked the 49ers team was. During Montana’s time with the 49ers, he had such offensive weapons as Dwight Clark, John Taylor, Roger Craig, and oh by the way perhaps the best player to ever put on an NFL uniform, receiver Jerry Rice. The best weapon of the Patriots this season, tight end Rob Gronkowski, got knocked out for the season with an injury in week 12. The Patriots never lost a game without him.

This is not to take away from what Montana has done, but merely to emphasize just how incredible the run has been for Tom Brady. The man has nay a gray hair on him, claims to feel better than he did at age 25, and has said he aims to play many more seasons. He has given us some of the best moments in Super Bowl history, including now the greatest comeback we may ever see. Rather than despise the Patriots and Tom Brady, as seems to be all the rage nowadays, I believe we ought to enjoy what time we have left of the best dynasty to ever exist in the NFL, and ultimately, the best quarterback to ever live.

– Intern Ryan

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