6th Times Charm for Ryan Suter?

The NHL all-star skills competition featured a lot of talent. We got to see Mike Smith score from the other end of the ice, Connor McDavid fly during the fastest skater challenge, and Ryan Kesler’s son score on Carey Price.

Minnesota Wild defenseman Ryan Suter also caught some attention, but it was unwanted. Suter was one of three players that had the role of taking one-timers during the central division’s skills relay. Unfortunately, he was unable to score on the wide open net during all five of his attempts from the top of the circle. He managed to hit the post, shoot the puck wide, and whiff on his shots before he reached the maximum time allowed. To be fair, the players received very little time to warm up and fine tune their shooting and puck handling. Also, he is not known for his one-timer or slapshot. He mainly just shoots wrist shots.

It was all in good fun though. The skills competition does not mean a lot. Suter joked about it later in an interview with NBCSN’s Pierre McGuire.

Suter was also able to redeem himself by sniping a shot top shelf from the blue line during the ‘four line challenge’.

During the skills relay, I hope that Suter would have scored on his 6th attempt if he was given the opportunity but, at the rate he was going, I would not have bet money on it.


Intern Cory

Source: NBCSN

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