3 Reasons To Stay On The Purple Bandwagon!

VIKINGS FANS — take a deep breath.  Now blow it out.  Relax.  Everything is gonna be OK.

The injury to Teddy Bridgewater doesn’t seem fair, but that is certainly part of the game.  He will be back, though, and probably will still be our quarterback for the forseable future.  Many of the “experts” are now saying that the Vikings won’t even make the playoffs.  I say they are fools.


So without further ado, here are 3 reasons that the Vikings will; have a terrific season despite Teddy’s injury, win the division, and make a serious playoff run.

1. RUN, RUN, RUN!  Hey, let’s be honest – no matter who is QB’ing the Vikes – we are gonna run the ball!  That is our identity.  That is who we are, and who Coach Zimmer wants us to be.  A.P. may be the best running back in the league, STILL – and Jerrick McKinnon is very dangerous, as well.  The offensive line has been significantly upgraded, so even with Shaun Hill at quarterback, we should be able to move the ball, and dominate time of possession. 

2. DEFENSE RULES!  In two seasons, Coach Zimmer has transformed the Vikes “D” from worst in the league, to 5th last season.  I expect the Vikings defense to be the best in the entire NFL – something that is a very real possibility if they can stay healthy.  Harrison Smith is the highest paid free safety in the league, for good reason.  He keeps the secondary tight, and the front seven is among the NFL’s best.  I love Anthony Barr. Believe me, when opposing teams come to our new stadium, it will not be easy to score.  Some may not at all.  Yes, we’re gonna be THAT good.


3. HISTORY IS ON OUR SIDE!  You really don’t have to go back all that far, to find championship teams that did not necessarily have a great offense.  The Buccaneers won a Super Bowl with a great defense, and a very poor offense (with former Viking Brad Johnson at the helm, btw).  The Ravens won a Super Bowl with a terrific defense, and an offense that was HISTORICALLY AND STATISTICALLY TERRIBLE.  Just last season, the Broncos won the Super Bowl with the league’s best defense – even though they got horrible QB play all year long. Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler were atrocious, but their “D” pulled them through.

Long story short – we’re still going to be very formidable in the NFC – and we’re STILL better than the Pack.



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